Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jen and Nick's Wedding Festivities!

Jen and Nick's wedding was this weekend. We have had a fun year of festivities and it all came to an end with the celebration of Jen and Nick at their wedding in West Seattle. Here are just a couple of pictures from the fun days that we spent together. Thursday was the rehearsal and dinner. Then Friday, we met at Vida Spa to help Jen spend her $1000 gift card that she won. It was a nice little treat. After the spa, we went to dinner and then back to the hotel to relax and get to bed early. Our day started bright on Saturday with hair and makeup. It was so much fun to get all dolled up for the fun day to come.

Here is me with the amazing flowers that Jen ordered from Metropolitan Market in West Seattle. Aren't they absolutely beautiful!
We had a blast taking pictures. Keri Doolittle (originally from WA, but now in Denver) took the pictures. She seriously rocked it. She is so creative and had such a fun eye!
Aren't the pink shoes amazing with our dresses?!
Gotta stay loose and have fun while you're waiting in a small room with the other 'maids and bride and flower girls and mother's of the bride and groom.
 So much fun to have Maggie and Monica (part of our 3-day family) at the wedding.
How cute are we?!
Of course it was an opportunity for a family picture. Cute mom and funny dad came along!
 The coolest thing at the reception was the photo booth. We took so many pictures in it..
here we are "riding a roller coaster".... we have a couple of other cute ones! 
 Here is me with the one that Lexie and sister and I took.
 Pam took an artistic picture of our bouquet and the pictures of us with Jen. The middle one is by far my favorite as we took one of the same poses on our 5th friendship anniversary... (we did meet online after all!!!!)
 The whole weekend was wonderful. I was so honored that Jen and Nick asked me to be apart of their special day (weekend). What wonderful friends they are!



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

What a beautiful wedding! It looks so fun! What an awesome bridal party! Congrats to Jen!

Jennifer said...

Awww, we were the lucky ones, to have you in our wedding. Love you, friend!

erinrwillis said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time celebrating! You all look great!

A BIG congrats to Jen and Nick!