Monday, March 7, 2011

still under construction... (UGH)

yes... that is the status of my bathroom... going on week 4 with no shower... so thankful that Jen is letting me shower at her house... I had to stop construction on my place because it was looking not so good... I'm just really not happy with how it is turning out. And after talking it over with some friends and colleagues, they made a good case... If it's not finished to how you want it, you will get so annoyed EVERY TIME you look at it, it will just tick you off.

So, I have a call into my HOA guy, Larry, to get back to me when he gets back in town this Wednesday. He was a great help at the beginning. I'm hoping that he'll be able to come over and take a look at things and get them fixed QUICKLY!

Hopefully, I'll have more news after Wednesday. I'd sure like to be able to take a shower in my own shower one of these days!